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Commercial & Industrial Roof Construction in Wisconsin

Watertown flat roof installersWe install the highest quality flat roof systems on commercial & industrial buildings in Wisconsin. Call U.S. Roofing at 920-261-7023 to get a free estimate today.

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Choose the flat roof installers who ONLY build commercial flat roofs

Since 1979, U.S. Roofing has specialized only in the installation of flat roofs for industrial and commercial buildings. Most other roofing contractors spend the majority of their summers selling and installing asphalt shingle roofs for residential homes. When the residential wells of money dry up, their sales people turn to businesses and overcharge for flat roof systems installed with minimal craftsmanship.

99% of U.S. Roofing’s installations are TPO membrane roofing systems, although we do also install EPDM rubber roofing, modified bitumen roofing and built-up roof (BURs).

TPO membranes are what we recommend because they're great for keeping water out of your building. The heat-welded seams are airtight and the composition of TPO makes it impervious to the elements for decades.

Cost-Effective Flat Roof Construction

We offer the best value in flat roof construction with our:

Because we have lower overhead than some of Wisconsin’s larger commercial roofers, we’re able to offer price points they can’t touch. On average our new flat roofing systems cost 10% to 30% less.

Why U.S. Roofing has the best flat roof installers in Wisconsin

Commercial flat roof installers at work in Wisconsin

U.S. Roofing installers at work replacing a worn-out roofing system with TPO membrane.

Our flat roof installers are 100% English speaking U.S. citizens. U.S. Roofing performs background checks and drug testing on all potential employees, and we know clear communication is an absolute must for safety and efficiency when working on a roof.

We are absolutely committed to safety and efficiency when working on your building. Most of our roofing crew has been with us for 5+ years. U.S. Roofing has the most dependable crew in the Wisconsin commercial and industrial roofing industry. 

We don't consider your business a stage to show off. Unlike many of our higher-priced, lower-quality competitors, we get in and get out, quietly and efficiently. You will be surprised by just how fast and unobtrusive our Wisconsin commercial roofing installers can be.

Our experienced roofing installers have built all types of industrial and commercial flat roofs all over Wisconsin. U.S. Roofing knows Wisconsin’s state and local building codes for YOUR industry and will make sure your roofing system meets or exceeds them.

High quality products, low prices and better service than all the giant commercial and industrial roofing contractors in Southeastern Wisconsin is what makes U.S. Roofing hands-down the best roofing company for flat roof installations. So what are you waiting for?

Did you know it’s possible to get a new commercial roofing system installed in the winter?

TPO and PVC single ply roofing systems are installed using hot air-welded seams (not adhesive) and are mechanically attached to the roof deck before seams are sealed.

Hot asphalt and built up roof systems can also be installed in the winter. We’ll build a new commercial roofing system using any roofing materials you choose, though we do believe TPO offers the greatest value to Wisconsin business and industry.


Industrial flat roof installation across Wisconsin

We install flat roofs anywhere in our home base of Watertown and many regional cities. Contact the commercial roofing contractors trusted from Milwaukee to Madison and all points in between.


Send us a message or call U.S. Roofing today at 920-261-7023 to get the best price on the best commercial or industrial flat roof system for your business.

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